Why your child's check up should be a priority...

It is recommended that children visit the Dentist from around the age of 3, or earlier if you have any concerns about their teeth. Regular dental check up’s can help parents become familiar with their children’s dental and oral health milestones and are important in helping develop positive dental experiences for our younger patients.

If your child has any habits such as thumb or finger sucking – it may be interfering in the healthy development of their teeth. During these visits parents also benefit from discussions regarding teething, normal tooth development, oral hygiene and nutritional advice.

Whilst many children like to be independent and brush their own teeth, most do not have the coordination or dexterity to brush their teeth properly. We recommend a collaborative approach where parents monitor their children’s hygiene habits on a daily basis, or until they are confident that good techniques are being used.

Dental Caries(commonly known as tooth decay) is the single most common childhood disease.  At Dental4U, we wish to educate our patients to help prevent dental caries through better oral hygiene habits. When children have regular dental check ups, we can pick up on any tooth decay or issues at their early stages.

The Golden rule is to brush twice a day and floss once, especially before bed.

We understand that little ones can find it hard to clean their teeth properly, so we can give you tips and recommendations to help make brushing and flossing a breeze.

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