The snow white smile, at what cost?

A growing number of whitening products are being retailed as ‘safe’ and ‘natural’.  But who is regulating the influx of these products flooding the Australian cosmetic market? Are they actually safe?


What you need to know


Three new studies have found that products containing hydrogen peroxide as an active ingredient in over the counter whitening products can ‘damage the protein-rich dentin tissue found beneath the tooth’s protective enamel’. Without a professional dental assessment this can cause irreversible damage to the tooth structures.


Some overseas and Australian websites and online sellers are also selling products that do not comply with Australian standards and exceed legal limits of concentration. Young consumers are particularly at risk in this market as they are the least aware of the possible permanent risks.


The ADA have documented its concerns about manufacturers using confusing and misleading statements in a submission to the ACCC.


If you need any advice about whitening procedures and recommended products please see one of dentists.