Ending discriminatory rebates

We’re fighting for an end to discriminatory rebates.

For a system where “same policy, same rebate” is a reality.

Where people are able to see their health practitioner of choice without penalty.

A fundamental benefit of private health insurance is that consumers can choose which health

practitioner they see. However, health funds are interfering in this process by paying different

rebates depending on which health practitioner a consumer sees through their contracted or

preferred provider schemes. For consumers, it means that if my health practitioner is not

contracted to the health fund, I won’t receive the maximum rebate that I could have received

based on the treatment I have received and the policy I hold. This is unfair and un-Australian.

WE ask that the Senate:

Amend the Private Health Insurance Act 2007 to make it illegal for health funds to pay different

benefit amounts to customers who hold the same General Treatment policy and receive the

same dental service purely on the basis of the fund-contracted or independent status of the

dental practitioner who has provided the service.