Tips to help with your sensitive teeth!

When it comes to sensitive teeth, winter can be a killer (especially cold water from the tap!!) So what causes teeth sensitivity? It can be a result of a number of dental issues such as periodontal disease, tooth decay, excessive tooth brushing and the wearing away of your tooth enamel.

Here are a few tips to make sure you can still enjoy your ice cream (on occasion of course)…

1.     Swap your toothbrush – Make sure you are using a soft toothbrush and are brushing your teeth gently in a back and forth motion, rather than erratically. Swap out your old hard-bristled or abrasive toothbrushes and make sure you’re giving your teeth the TLC they deserve.

2.     Stay away from acidic foods – Acidic products can contribute to the wearing away of your tooth enamel, so stay away from excessive consumption of carbonated drinks, coffee and citrus fruits. When eating or drinking these on occasion, have a glass of milk afterwards to help neutralise the acid.

3.     Consider wearing a night splint – You might be grinding your teeth at night and not even realising. If you grind your teeth it wears away at tooth enamel and can cause your teeth to feel sore and sensitive. Have a chat to your dentist about whether a splint is right for you

4.     Try some sensitive toothpaste – Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief or Sensodyne can significantly reduce the sensitivity you might be experiencing. Did you know you can brush with sensitive toothpaste as well as using it as a topical application?

Don’t forget your regular 6 monthly check ups – While it can be tempting to stay indoors during winter, your preventative dental check ups are critical to managing your sensitivity. Give us a call to schedule your visit today