Sweet tooth?......

You’re not alone...

It’s hard to ignore the sweet treats on offer at the counter while you’re waiting on your morning coffee. With the latest campaign launched by the Cancer Council Victoria, bringing awareness to the consumption of sugary drinks that contribute to weight gain - it’s a timely reminder to take stock of just how much sugar you could be consuming.

The campaign highlights the fact that consuming excess calories contributes to excess weight, which in turn can increase the toxic or visceral fat around your organs, triggering certain types of Cancer.

Read on for our tips to help you reduce how much sugar, or excess calories you consume in a day:

Don’t reach for a sugary drink

This doesn’t apply to just fizzy drinks, but fruit juices and milk-based drinks, which are often high in sugar. Don’t use the excuse of eating on the run to, “grab a drink” and go. You’re likely to be consuming high amounts of sugar, with low nutritional value.

A healthy diet is one of the key ingredients to your personal health and wellbeing. If you have the choice, choose Water - ALWAYS!

Carry a refillable water bottle with you; it’s a good idea to keep a couple of bottles chilled in the fridge at home, or at work.

Are you really hungry?

If you’ve ever heard, or used the term  “Emotional eater” then you could relate to the fact that many of us when we are feeling, bored/stressed/tired, have a tendency to reach for something sweet.

Take note of how you are feeling, did you get enough sleep the night before? Are you worried about something? When you become aware of certain patterns, you can address the core issue and in doing so, make positive changes.

 TRY Going to bed earlier, writing your feelings/thoughts in a journal, spending quality time with friends and family and making regular exercise part of your daily routine – These are simple things you can do which could help with your emotional wellbeing.

Be accountable

Many of us lose track of how much energy(food) we are actually consuming in a day. It’s easy to snack absentmindedly without putting any real thought in to what we’re eating and drinking.

Keep a note/diary of what you’re eating and when. You’d be surprised at how you will tend to eat less, when you’re consciously keeping tabs.

Always read the label before making your food choices, reduce your consumption of fast food and purchased foods, which tend to be highly processed with a lot of added sugars and fats. Be particularly aware of the high sugar content of many sauces and condiments.

3pm slump?

Do you find yourself fading in the afternoon? Instead of reaching for another coffee, energy drink, or sweet treat, try the following first:


Stand up and STRETCH, go for a short walk for some fresh air, even if it’s a quick walk for a toilet break.


Take micro pauses during your day and try some breathing exercises. If you can, close your eyes, breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth, repeat. Relax your shoulders.


Often when we think we are hungry, we are actually thirsty or, already dehydrated. So refill your water bottle and have a big drink of refreshing water.

BRUSH YOUR TEETH…and tongue!

That minty fresh feel does wonders to help keep your food cravings at bay.

If you’re still in need of something, try a ‘sugar free’ piece of chewing gum.

Be prepared

Set yourself up to succeed by meal prepping some healthy snacks, a few minutes put aside to prep the night before, will set you up well for the following day.



Full fat greek yogurt

Fruit, such as Apples, Blueberries, Grapes, Strawberries - make your own healthy fruit salad and keep in containers to take to Work or School.

Vegetable sticks, such as Carrots, Celery, Zucchini, Cucumber and Capsicum - can be chopped and ready to go for a nutritious snack on their own, or with Hummus.

Whole grain crackers and cheese

Sprinkle cinnamon, or cocoa on your coffee and skip the added sugar

Want to help reduce your excess calorie intake?…… Avoid the following:

  • Eating in the car

  • Eating while watching t.v

  • Eating directly out of a food packet

  • UPSIZING your meal at a fast food restaurant, or the Movies.

  • Eating at your desk, in front of a computer

Sit down for your meals, put down your mobile, choose whole foods(Vegetables, leafy greens, legumes, fruit, whole grains e.t.c). Be present.

Set realistic goals

Try making one real change that you can commit to, like reducing or eliminating your sugary drink intake. Your body and your teeth will thank you for it! Make a positive change Today that will benefit your future self.

When you make healthy changes a habit, you are more likely to achieve and maintain an overall healthier and happier lifestyle.


Don’t forget to floss!


The Dental 4U Team

Source: https://www.cancervic.org.au/healthyweight...