Let’s FACE IT, our identity and sense of self are intimately connected to the image we see every day in the bathroom mirror. We all experience the pressures of the modern world and the high standards placed on our appearance. As a Dental surgeon, having seen thousands of faces of her patients over the years, Dr Laura Latis has observed the changes in facial appearance brought on by the natural aging process and changes in general health and lifestyle.

Dr Laura Latis believes that the desire to look as good as we feel on the inside, is absolutely valid and a very common concern of Women and Men in Today’s Society. With her vast experience in cosmetic dentistry, Dr Laura Latis has an extensive knowledge of the facial anatomy and aesthetics.  Striving for a natural and harmonious aesthetic result, she puts the patient’s safety and health first.

Improving a smile via dental treatment sometimes is not enough, as our mouth is “framed” by our face, with all its age-and-health related imperfections. By using non-surgical techniques, like muscle relaxant injections and hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, Dr Laura Latis can help to achieve a subtle, yet noticeable improvement in the facial condition, if age or health related changes are of concern to you.

Non-surgical lip augmentation (lip fillers), wrinkle minimising injections, and muscle relaxant injections may be used for achieving a more refreshed and healthier look, reducing the visible effects that time has on our skin and features as we age. These non-surgical aesthetic treatments are medical procedures and therefore are not free of side effects and possible complications; they must be performed by a medically trained professional in a clinical environment.

Dr Laura Latis has undertaken extensive training in Melbourne at the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics, and at a more advanced level in London (Acquisitions Aesthetics). She continues her professional development in this field on an on-going basis.

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Yarraville surgery

Yarraville surgery