Private Health Insurance - are you being treated fairly?

The Australian Dental Association recently shared a short video on Social media, highlighting the unfair way in which some Private Health care providers offer higher rebates to policyholders that have treatment at their own contracted Dentists and Clinics, whilst others with the same policy who choose to see their own Dentist - receive a lower rebate. 

If you have the Same Policy and receive the Same Treatment, you should receive the Same Rebate.

Don't be persuaded to switch by the fact that some insurers refer to contracted Dentists as "preferred providers". This doesn't mean that they are any more or less skilled than your current Dentist. 

If you feel you are unfairly pressured to switch away from your Dentist, you should first send a letter of complaint to your insurer, making it clear that you don't believe it's fair that you receive lower benefits because you want to stay with your existing Dentist. Secondly, find a fund with no contracted Dentists and switch your policy.

To view the ADA video, click the link below:

Go to to compare your extras policy with others on the market, or visit for a broader comparison of private health insurance available.


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The Dental 4U Team