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Book A Dental Appointment Online Today

We understand how busy your schedule may be and that you may not be able to call us during business hours. It is sometimes so much easier to just click a few buttons and book your dental appointment online.

This is why, for your convenience, we offer you our online appointment booking system, which directly connects you to our schedule, instantaneously confirming your booking.

You may choose from a range of appointment times and days, however, if you can’t find the date/ time that suits you, please call or email us and we will surely make something work. We can also put your request on our appointment standby list in case of changes to our schedule.

When making your dental appointment booking online, it would help us to know what the purpose of your visit is and what you would like to achieve. If you would like us to deal with a particular dental problem, please briefly describe what the problem is. This way, we will be better prepared for your dental appointment and save your and our time.

Sometimes, we may give you a quick call or email you after we receive your online booking, to clarify some details of your coming appointment. For example, our receptionist may need to extend your appointment time.

A couple of days prior to your appointment, you will receive an sms to remind you of your coming appointment time. If you prefer, you may print and fill out a medical history form to bring with you to avoid doing this on the day. The steps of making an online booking are easy:

1.    Click the green button ‘Book Online’

2.    Select you preferred location (Geelong West or Yarraville)

3.    Select a day or date of your appointment

4.    Find an appointment time

5.    Complete a patient form (if you wish)

6.    Verify your details

7.    Confirm chosen appointment

 We look forward to welcoming you to our practice and making your dental appointment very pleasant and hassle free.