How to get your kids to brush their teeth!

When it comes to the bedtime routine or getting out of the house on time in the morning, parents often feel like they are swimming against the current on a number of fronts - making school lunches, getting everyone bathed and dressed, and accommodating everyone’s food preferences. But more often than not the biggest concern we hear from parents is how to get their kids to brush their teeth!

So here a few tips from our dental team to help make teeth brushing a part of the routine that is enjoyed, not endured:

1.     ROUTINE! Work together with your children to establish a clear routine for brushing their teeth, and stick to it. Try to keep teeth brushing at the same time every day.

2.     SHOW AND TELL! Brush your own teeth while your child is brushing. Modeling is such an effective parenting strategy, so get down on their level and let them see how you brush all your teeth – top and bottom, front and back.

3.     MAKE A STORY FROM IT! Demonstrate how to brush in circles like train wheels going around a track from left to right and right to left… Make it something they will love

4.     GIVE THEM CHOICE! Involving children in daily choices is essential to building ownership and increasing their participation in self-care tasks. Next time you are at the supermarket, why not let them pick the flavor of the toothpaste or the colour of the toothbrush.

5.     MAKE IT A GAME! We’ve got lots of ideas – why not see if they can guess when the two minutes is up or see how can make the most bubbles with their brushing.

6.     TELL THEM WHY!  Education is critical. Tailor it to their age and watch their habits change for life.

And lastly, don't forget to start them early at the dentist! We promise to make a comfortable, fun and good first impression.